Our Bishop and First Lady


Bishop Goldson, a resident of Hempstead, has committed his life to serving and helping every person, regardless of background and economic status, to achieve their fullest potential. Having started Calvary Tabernacle, Bishop Goldson worked side-by-side with his wife, Sis. Jo-Ann Goldson and took Calvary’s positive message of hope to the surrounding communities throughout the Hempstead area.

Sis. Goldson always had a passion and energy for life that is contagious. A life-long Evangelist, Sis. Goldson began her walk with the Lord in her grandfather’s ministry. Now as a supportive wife and mother of two children, Sis. Goldson is an inspiration and mentor to women everywhere. She is committed to helping women, children and families discover their purpose and reach their highest potential in Christ.

Under Bishop and Sis. Goldson’s leadership, Calvary Tabernacle has grown in every area of ministry and has become the largest, fastest growing and most diverse congregations in Hempstead today with over 500 attending weekly services.

Bishop and Sis. Goldson, along with the entire Calvary Tabernacle family, are focused like never before on meeting the needs of the Hempstead community and providing ministries and services that impact every area of life. While their commitment to the local community is strong, Calvary’s international commitment and outreach is also increasing.

There is a new generation rising at Calvary Tabernacle – A Generation Without Limits. Bishop and Sis. Goldson are proven leaders for this generation – a generation that believes with God all things are possible!

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